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Water generally
travels farther in larger fountains, better simulating the movement and sound
of water in nature.



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Why Own a Fountain?

Having moving water nearby is such a joy. Even the words we use to describe moving water are an effervescent delight: cascading, flowing, glistening . . . ripple, splash, trickle. The flowing water can be peaceful, soothing, pleasant, graceful.

Fountain-owners agree – bringing a sample of nature’s flowing water into our built environment is beneficial in several ways. It lets us reconnect with nature, with mental and physical benefits. The "babbling brook" which many poets have celebrated provides welcome respite from our harried pace - even in a miniature, tabletop dose. "Fountain therapy," some have called it.

It seems we’re pleased both by a fountain’s sight and sound. Remember the times you’ve sat beside a waterfall or creek or walked along the beach? Splashing drops. Rapidly flowing cascades hopping and bouncing over and between rocks. Waves racing each other up the sand. The plopping, dripping, and swooshing sounds. The slow current causing water plants to wave at you. The beauty of water in motion.

Our romance with springs, streams, and waterfalls is well-grounded. Water is a source of life and livelihood. We must have water to survive. From antiquity, we have used water as a global highway for boats carrying people and goods.

Captured indoors, fountains serve as natural humidifiers, adding water vapor to our air. This makes a more hospitable environment for us, our indoor plants, and pets.

Fountains are works of art in themselves and add visual and audible interest to any setting. In fact, larger pieces can be the focus of a living area or lobby.

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