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Water generally
travels farther in larger fountains, better simulating the movement and sound
of water in nature.



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Selecting Your Fountain

In selecting a fountain, decide what’s most important to you. Setting/location? Material? Style? Sound? Size? Complement existing décor?

Here are some factors to consider in selecting your fountain:

  • Location. If you really need the fountain to be in a particular location, be sure that the fountain you select suits that location. On the other hand, if the features of the fountain are the critical factor for you, then choose the fountain you like and situate it in the best location available.
  • Do you like something particular as the dominant material? Slate, river rock, marble, granite, bamboo, glass, ceramic, copper?
  • Do you want a certain style? Contemporary, oriental, cascade, water wall, desert?
  • Are there particular architectural features or other design elements of your home or office which you’d like to complement?
  • Are there any space requirements? Does the fountain need to fit on a particular counter or credenza? Is there a height constraint? (Some fountains are tall.)
  • Are there any cost requirements? Personal fountains cost anywhere from $25 to $20,000.
  • Do you want a small or large fountain? Smaller fountains are more intimate and make nice accent pieces. Larger fountains are more of a focal point, sometimes have a more audible presence, and typically are handcrafted individually (rather than mass produced). Also, there's a greater quantity of water in larger fountains and it generally travels farther, better simulating water in nature. (Think of the difference between 1-2 cups of water recirculating and a gallon or more of water recirculating.)
  • Sound. Do you need a gentle, non-intrusive sound or lots of sound to mask room noise? Do you want "babbling" sounds (like a gentle mountain brook) or "splashing" sounds (like a small stream pouring into a pool)?

Perhaps you've seen a few fountains in local garden shops and other retailers. That gives you a feel for how different designs and sizes look, act, and sound. FountainFinder shows you a vastly larger variety of fountains - including many which are handcrafted, unlike the mass produced models usually seen in local stores.

As when buying other products on the Web, always ask the fountain retailer anything you need to know that's important to your buying decision. Some possibilities:

  • Fountain's dimensions

  • Fountain's weight

  • Whether the fountain is for indoor or outdoor use (or both)

  • Whether the fountain is fully self-contained (includes reservoir, pump, etc.)

  • Fountain's color. Are alternative colors available?

  • Instructions for installation & maintenance

  • Shipping costs & arrangements

  • Return policy

Please note . . .

As with all retail environments, product listings can change from day to day and week to week.

Thus, do NOT assume that a particular fountain will still be available from a given merchant the next time you check.

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Remember: Retailers' product inventories can change frequently.
Do not assume that a particular product will be available at a later time.

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