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Water generally
travels farther in larger fountains, better simulating the movement and sound
of water in nature.



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Tabletop Given its smaller size and weight, this fountain lends itself to being placed on a table, credenza, desk, counter, or bookshelf.

Floor (freestanding) Because of their size, height, and/or weight, these fountains are intended to be placed on the floor, not on a table or other elevated, supporting surface. These are freestanding units, often of a size and design which make them a focal point in a room.

Wall-mounted Various fountain designs which are physically mounted on the wall of a room. Requires a solid mounting surface and adequate mounting hardware to support the fountain’s weight. (Not to be confused with the "Water Wall" design style.)

Outdoor-Garden Usually a freestanding or "floor" fountain suited for an outdoor setting. Made of materials - such as granite, stone-like composites, resin-coated faux rock, or wood - which can accommodate outdoor conditions. Requires electrical service at the fountain's location (unless it's a solar-powered unit). Requires draining/preparation before freezing temperatures.

Many Outdoor/Garden/Courtyard fountains can be used indoors. Some considerations:

  • Can the flooring support the weight of a larger fountain, especially one made of rock or concrete?
  • Could the fountain splash onto flooring or furniture?
  • Is there enough access to move the larger fountain indoors?
  • Is there a convenient, ongoing water supply to replace what evaporates?

Waterfalls A sub-category of both Floor fountains and Outdoor fountains, the Waterfall is characterized by a larger size (including notable height) and is designed to simulate a natural rock outcropping. It is intended to remind you of a waterfall you would see in the natural outdoors. Often these units can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Furniture A fountain in which the water flow is incorporated within a functional piece of furniture such as a coffee table, end table, dining table, or lamp. (FountainFinder does not display this type as a separate group. However, most models would be floor fountains.)


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