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Water generally
travels farther in larger fountains, better simulating the movement and sound
of water in nature.



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Do you want your fountain to have a rustic, natural look or a polished, contemporary look? Or maybe oriental? Do you want water to cascade loudly or slip quietly down an angled surface?

Think about these representative styles as you browse among the fountains at FountainFinder:

Animal Element This style incorporates some representation of animal life – perhaps a freestanding statue or the engraving/intaglio of an animal. Typically, the animal portrayed is one which lives in or near water, such as a fish, turtle, frog, or heron.
Architectural Element The fountain consists of or incorporates classic architectural accents such as urns, classic statuary, or gargoyles.
Astronomy The fountain incorporates elements or themes associated with the heavens - sun, moon, stars.
Bubbler This water feature takes a different approach. The water is enclosed in a clear structure. Air is pumped into the bottom of the reservoir, and thousands of bubbles flow upward through the water. In some models, the water is illuminated by a clear or colored light.
Cascade Water moves down a tiered or terraced waterfall. Two or more reservoirs, pools, or levels. ("Cascade" is defined as "a small, steep waterfall, especially one of a series.")
Children's This style incorporates the image of a child - perhaps a freestanding statue or the engraving/intaglio of a child’s face, for example - or some topic associated with children.
Classic / Antiqued Not a true antique, but having a classic design style or an antique (or even ancient) appearance due to the construction materials and surface treatment.
Contemporary Any of various designs having a modern look.
Moving Element The fountain incorporates parts which move in conjunction with the water’s movement (typically moving in response to the water). A water wheel is an example.
Ocean The fountain incorporates elements or themes associated with the ocean - sea shells, dolphins, fishing nets, and so forth.
Oriental The fountain borrows key design elements associated with Asian cultures, including bamboo, bonsai, sand, and shallow pools.
People Element This style incorporates some representation of a human - perhaps a freestanding statue or the engraving/intaglio of a person or a human feature (e.g., a face or hand).
Plant/Flower Element This style incorporates a real plant or some representation of plant life.
Religious The fountain incorporates an obvious religious element - perhaps an angel, a cross, or a word having religious meaning.
(surface flow)
Where the water flows smoothly down the face of a vertical or slanted surface. Typically the surface is very smooth. There is minimal rippling or bubbling of the water until it reaches the reservoir or receiving pool. Thus the fountain tends to make minimal sound. (A Sheen fountain is an extremely smooth-flowing instance of the Water Wall style.)
Suspended (surface) The main surface down which the water flows is suspended or hanging from a frame or support. Often the water falls from an overhanging copper tube onto the top edge of the suspended surface.
Tall The fountain has a very verticalized aspect ratio and/or has absolute height, perhaps standing several feet tall. Many floor-based fountains are tall.
Water Wall A vertical wall, usually consisting of a sheet of slate, granite, steel, aluminum, or cast resin. Water is pumped into a narrow, sometimes hidden, channel along the top edge, spilling somewhat uniformly across the width of the wall’s face. An extremely smooth flowing water wall would be the Sheen style (see above).
(Not to be confused with a "Wall-mounted" fountain, which could be of various designs hung on the wall of a room.)



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