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Water generally
travels farther in larger fountains, better simulating the movement and sound
of water in nature.



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What We Do: Find Fountains for You

FountainFinder has a single purpose - to help you find and enjoy your own personal decorative water fountain. To that end, we do two things:

  • We help you think about what to consider when choosing your self-contained water fountain. 
              (Try starting at Selecting Your Fountain.)
  • We point you to some good sources of water fountains. 

We’ve scouted the World Wide Web to locate a striking variety of fountains available from numerous retailers. (FountainFinder just finds the fountains; we don’t sell them.) We group these decorative fountains into five categories:

Fountains can also be categorized by Style and Material. (See our page on Selecting fountains.)


We also provide basic information about installing and maintaining a water fountain for your personal enjoyment.



Other Notes

Some of the water features we have located are enclosed - the water flows within an enclosed display. (Or in some cases, bubbles flow up through the water in an enclosed display.) This design eliminates the pleasant sound of an open-air fountain or water feature. On the other hand, it offers a visually interesting alternative. It also eliminates the possibility of splashing and eliminates the need to replenish water as it evaporates.


Some of the water features also function as pieces of furniture. These are usually enclosed (as noted above) and usually function as a table.


For help in selecting and installing a fountain, read our feature articles. These articles are accessible from throughout our site.


While FountainFinder does not sell fountains (we just find them for you!), we nonetheless want your buying experience to be a good one. If a particular merchant should fail to satisfy you, please tell us about it.


Thanks for visiting FountainFinder!


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Do not assume that a particular product will be available at a later time.

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