Tabletop fountains? Where can I find table top fountains? At FountainFinder!

How many water fountains have we found? 


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How many 
water fountains 
have we found?


Enjoying Water in Motion

Water fountains bring a sample of nature’s flowing water into our built environment - from hotel atrium to living room. They add visual and audible interest to any setting ... and remind us of the waterfalls, creeks, and oceans we love. FountainFinder is here to help you find your personal water fountain.

Tips: Selecting a Personal Fountain

where can I buy tabletop fountains? TABLETOP fountains
Given its smaller size, this fountain lends itself to being placed on a table, credenza, desk, counter, or bookshelf.
Find tabletop fountains.
where can I find table top fountains and floor fountains? FLOOR fountains
Larger, freestanding units designed to be placed on the floor, not on a table. Often serves as a focal point in a room.
Find floor fountains.
where can I find wall fountains? WALL fountains
Fountains which are mounted on a wall or stand against a wall. Here again, these are often a center of interest in a room.
Find wall fountains.
where can I find garden fountains or outdoor fountains? OUTDOOR-GARDEN-COURTYARD fountains
Flowing water completes any outdoor setting and makes the area come alive. Styles range from classic to contemporary.
Find garden-courtyard fountains.
where can I find waterfalls and waterfall fountains? WATERFALL fountains
Designed to simulate a natural waterfall, these fountains are usually larger, sit on the floor or ground, and have tiers.
Find waterfalls or waterfall fountains.

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Laguna Water Works ... Gaiam ... Bonsai Boy

In selecting a fountain, consider the fountain's placement, material, and style.

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( How many water fountains have we found? 
678 )

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